Refund Policy


We can exchange purchases at any time, but it might take 30-60 days to fulfill due to our monthly ordering cycle. We cannot exchange any purchases after they have been worn or laundered. All refunds must be done through our main office at: 

STARability Foundation

5125 Castello Drive

Naples, FL 34103

We do not cover any shipping or handling costs for exchanges. We can only guarantee the exchange of products which we receive in person. You hold the sole responsibility of any goods until they are in our complete custody, and we will not cover any items that are lost or stolen in the mail. All items returned by mail are under the responsibly of you (owner) and any third-party postal company until they are in complete custody of the STARability Foundation main office. Please review our refund policy before making any purchases through and if you have any questions regarding our refund policy please contact us at or call 239-594-9007.